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Fall is a beautiful time of year. The air is starting to get cooler, leaves are turning from bright green to vibrant yellow and orange, people are trading in tank tops and flip flops for warm jackets and cozy slippers. For most, Fall is the perfect period between the hot Summer sun and the frosty snow biting at your finger tips. It's the beginning of apple picking, firewood chopping and pumpkin everything. State to state, family to family and person to person, everyone celebrates this season in their own way and traditions. Or perhaps you're looking for a new activity to add to your list? 

Here are 5 wonderful Fall activities to consider: 

1. Host a football party

The months between September and February can be loud! People cheering for their favorite football team, gathering around friends and family, teammates and rivals. What a great reason to kick off the season of togetherness than hosting your own football party. Not only is it more fun to yell at that fumble or touchdown with others, but a good excuse to eat game day snacks and cheers your favorite beverage. And as always, be safe!

2. Homemade hot chocolate

Time to switch from ice cold chocolate milk to mini marshmallows and rich hot cocoa. You don't have to be a little kid to enjoy a delicious cup with extra whipped cream. From an easy push of a button on your coffee maker to stirring up your own batch, hot chocolate is a yummy go to. Need some new hand-picked recipes? We got you covered.




3. Scrapbooking

From around the age of 8, scrapbooking has always been fascinating to me. Collecting rubber stamps, hand-pressing flowers and taking the good old disposable camera to the camera hut only to find out days later that 2 out of the 24 pictures I took of my cat came out without a blur or finger in front of it. Nowadays, my scrapbooking is a little more refined. I went from scratch and sniff stickers collected at school to neat 3D destination stickers and inspirational quotes. It's a great hobby to keep you busy but even better? The perfect sentimental gift for your loved ones and teachers!

4. Begin a "Gratitude Journal"

Holidays can be a good time of year to begin thinking about gratitude and reflecting on your year so far. Journaling helps you channel thoughts, goals and can be very therapeutic. Beginning a gratitude journal can help in so many ways including preparing for the new year to come. It's peaceful, meaningful and a relaxing way to spend some quality time with yourself.


5. Backyard camping

Sometimes you want to getaway without the hassle of getting away. One great solution? Backyard campout! This is a wonderful idea for a family, surprise date night or even just a retreat for you, yourself and you. Can't build a fire? Tell stories around the flashlight. Don't have a tent? Sheets and a blanket will do just fine. Pack some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot cocoa and enjoy the nature of your backyard.


Here at Covered Living we are family and goal oriented. We hope the new season brings you joy, no matter how you spend it!

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