About Us:

-- Covered Living --

Covered Living is an outdoor patio lifestyle with products aimed at meeting your hosting, entertaining, and relaxing needs. As a family-run, trading company with over 30 years of experience, we noticed a specific need that we hoped to fulfill and created a solution for! With our various covers, our products are directed to protect your invested patio equipment to last longer and remain in pristine condition. Products range from recreational patio décor, like our replaceable umbrella canopies, to functional product listings such as our golf cart driving enclosures. Our brand is designed to provide you with a bright, inspirational glimpse of your outdoor lounge. Maintain a luxurious taste under a manageable price. We are refreshed. We are cheerful. We are accountable. We are timeless. We are… Covered Living. 

-- Less Work, More Play --

Spend less time working to up-keep your patio for the perfect ambiance. Invest in a quality cover and in an outdoor patio space that will fulfill your entertainment needs! Entrust that your furniture and equipment remain in nice condition throughout each and every season. This enables you to spend more time enjoying the company around you and utilizing your outdoor living space. Grill at golden hour, take a dip in the pool, sip on a refresher, laugh by the fire pit, catch up with friends… whatever your plans are, we’ve got you covered!





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