Outdoor Entertaining Season

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With April’s showers almost over, you’re ready to spend your days in the sun and evenings under the warm moon. You don’t want to waste time by cleaning your favorite lounge chair before catching some rays or wiping away dust from your fabulous patio table and chairs before sitting with your best friends, family and neighbors to sip margaritas, ice cold beer or the most delightful glass of wine.

And that’s where we’ve got you covered!

From tables, chairs, love seats, BBQs and more, Covered Living is here for you, because we believe you should spend more time living and less time cleaning.

Properly protect your outdoor furniture for the coming seasons:

  • The #1 issue you’ll incur is sun damage, which means your beautifully patterned or vibrantly colored cushions will fade. We know you didn’t spend time and money picking out your favorite décor just for it to get ruined within days, weeks or months. Our high-quality covers will protect from fading and UV damage.
  • Spring and Summer weather means bring on the insects and critters! Covering your furniture after every use eliminates finding surprise dead insects. Birds are bound to want to make your patio or backyard there home too with that style you’ve got going, so you’ll need protection from nests and droppings. Even pets and critters may want a comfortable place to lay their head, but you don’t want scratches or tears. Premium fabric that is easy to wipe clean is just what you need.
  • Not only do you need to worry about your cushions, but also the frame. Wood can fade in the sun and become water damaged in the slightest of warm drizzles. Metal can rust or flake, even plastic can warp in the beating sun.

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Sure, you can move your furniture into the shade or find space in your garage. But why not be prepared with a Covered Living cover that is as easy as slipping on and off. Mark one less worry off your list and stay covered today!

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