Three Must Haves for Post-Holiday Organization

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The holidays are a wonderful yet crazy time. My family's favorite part? Putting out all of our holiday decorations. And that's the easy and fun part. Finding my daughter's pre-school macaroni ornament from years ago, sipping on some hot chocolate (admittingly adding a little Irish Cream and extra marshmallows to my cup) and getting into the holiday spirit. But the taking down and storing of all your decorations, now that's always a challenge! So what are some simple post holiday organization tips I can offer from my years of personal experience? We're going to talk about three of the top holiday storage cover must haves for less stress and better holiday organization 1. Christmas Tree Bag 2. Garment Bag and 3. Storage Shelving Rack Covers.

1. Christmas Tree Bag

While nothing beats the smell and hominess of a fresh live Christmas tree, artificial trees are becoming more popular these days. Artificial trees are environmentally, economically friendly and create less of a mess without those pesky pine needles magically popping up everywhere and stabbing our feet. So how can you keep your artificial Christmas tree investment safe and dirt free? With a Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag.  Easily dis-assemble and place your Christmas tree in a secure rolling storage bag and know your artificial tree will be safe all year round. 

covered living rolling christmas tree bag storage post holiday organization polyester clean artificial dust free

2. Garment Bag

The holidays are your chance to show off your own style's sparkle and shine! It's not every day you get to wear a dress full of crystals and bows or your best tailored tuxedo. Last year, I splurged a gorgeous colorful sequin dress to shock everyone at my work holiday party and only got to wear it one time but couldn't just get rid of it. I knew there would be future parties and holidays where that dress would be perfect. You don't want to just store your best dress wear in the attic or back of your closet with no protection from moths, rodents and dust. A garment bag is the best way to ensure that outfit you purchased for special occasions and holiday parties will be safe and clean for your next event.  

covered living garment bag cover clothes protection post holiday organization protect store plastic pvc dust free closet attic garage

3. Storage Shelving Rack Cover

Are you extra organized, have tons of items and already have the perfect storage rack to keep your holiday decorations? You've already found the perfect place to store your keepsakes but did you remember to keep them covered? If not, it's never too late to save your things! Storage shelving rack covers come in all sizes and colors to match the decor of your garage, kitchen or storage shed! I tend to half organize. Everything has a place, but it's not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing way to organize. Like in my kitchen, I love to cook, have tons and pots and pans and blenders, but not enough cabinet space. So I purchase a wire shelf storage rack, placed all my small appliances and cookware on it then covered it with a clean looking storage shelving rack cover to not add to the mess that is constantly my kitchen. And when it comes to long term storing, nothing is worse than getting excited for the time to decorate only to find dead bugs, caked on dirt or worse, tiny rodents ate through your decorations! Make sure you protect those heirlooms, snow globes and wreaths with the perfect storage shelving rack cover.

covered living storage shelf shelving rack covers post holiday organization decorations clean up organize christmas mess

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